Abdiasis Abdi

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Abdiasis Abdi is a Somali-Dutch multidisciplinary artist. His works explore positive affirmation for Somalis of diasporic identity and is grounded on the belief that representation is not something to wait for but to create. Abdi’s current project ‘DANTA DALKA, DADKA IYO DIINTA’ deals with Somalia’s colonial past and the 1991 civil war that brought the country to collapse into anarchy. From the balmy waters of the Indian ocean, to the rubble of abandoned colonial era villas that line the capital, we look at what life was like for locals and what it is now. An act of self-preservation and a love letter to his people, ‘DANTA DALKA, DADKA IYO DIINTA’ aims to provoke a sense of longing and belonging to his native Somalia.

Instagram: @mainpage.abdiasis

Email: Abdiasis.Abdirahman@gmail.com