Johan Aboubacar–Danglard


Being a nomad, living from day to day is a habit, I wanted to represent a character leaving a grocery store with a bag to represent this routine in which I registered. Also having no insurance of what tomorrow is done, I wish to represent the instinct of survival, by simple and modest gesture, highlighting a precarious side, a search for efficiency, of that adding as a protest Slogan “SAVE THE PLANET” coming to insist on the feeling of precariousness, uncertainty, daily fight and impatience by the exaggeration of the urgency. By this last action, I also wanted to emphasize the real aspect of the situation going beyond an artistic practice; painting, and sensitized the viewer to a certain despair.

Beyond exaggeration, “SAVE THE PLANET” also tells the dream, and adds an epic dimension to the scene. The central character suddenly becomes heroic. Growing up alone with my mother, I felt long lack of landmarks. Because of my skin color, as a child, it was hard for me to identify myself with white superhero’s figures. So by this very accessible figure of the person leaving the grocery store, I wanted to represent hope for the dreamer that I was and still am. Also give hope for those who struggles and can identify through this new kind of selfish “superhero”.