Saskia Ragavelas

Miriam Makeba Photoshop (2)

Saskia Ragavelas is an East-London artist who is currently based in Oxford. Her work is largely defined by her diverse background and cosmopolitan upbringing in the UK’s capital. Being of mixed heritage that includes European-Jewish ancestry and mixed-race South African ancestry, Ragavelas often uses her family’s personal experiences during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland or Apartheid South Africa, as key subject matters within her work. She uses her family’s experiences under these tragic regimes to show her audience members the consequences of discrimination, and to encourage more integration and unity amongst today’s society.

Ragavelas’ most recent work is based on her own thoughts about returning to South Africa one day. The piece deals with the artist’s love/hate relationship with this country and highlights both the personal and political reasons for her inner conflict.

Instagram: @saskiaragavelas